In addition to the thriving pet industry in north America, we at MSGLLC in consortium with city planners and water management services across states bring you the pet waste and odor management. It is our understanding that residential managements are faced with limited options to curtail smell and control dog waste. Rejecting pets on their premises causes tenants backlash and poor review. Stories from Sydney Australia where a four year tenant of a luxury waterfront property was forced to rid one of two beloved pooches. In London and Davenport a neighbor complain to City Hall about dog poop on green grass and police are forced to apprehend the concerned citizen. All across the USA there signs with warning about leashes and waste clean up. Most promises a $500 fine.

We will once and forever invent and implement this valuable addition to the pet ownership. To live and love your Malamute or Beagle etc and hear a city council pass a mandate to restrict the pet from your residential is heart breaking. Most of the time the cases are linked to waste management.