The convenience of this roof top dogs exercise park cannot be ignored. That is what offers our valued residential management clients who are pet friendly to help boost the luxurious spaces they provide pet parents. Our focus in this area is fitting the right texture and feel, compensating for limited terrain with rocks and fallen tree to exercise the pet.

Nothing is more of a turnoff than bad odor, which is inevitable with poop of any kind, dog or otherwise. Methane gas causes the bad smell in dog waste. We provide non volatile timed spray canister that contains the right formulations and scents to eliminate the stench. The canister can be attached to the dog only waste trashcan. Place auto ref resh canister within the parameters of the EVURO dog park. All these and more at discounted pricing for EVURO club members. Sign up at or (Pet Friendly Residential) and receive the recipe for an added happy experience for your tenants.

Evurodog partnership with glade scents aim to make residential pet ownership odorless